Version 6 - Methvin

Version 6

Version 6 | New Features


New Features

Estimating module

  • Automate the recalculate function as you make changes. 

  • Added a new export to excel option that inserts a blank line between each line item on exporting to excel for the SoP and Client SoP reports.

  • Allow the user to add text into the SoP amount cell (i.e. Included or excluded for clarity in reporting) 

  • A user prompt pop up when deleting more than one item to allow you to enter the number of records to be deleted.

  • Allow standard maths functions i.e ^, if (2>5) {yes} else {no}, +%, *% and =

  • Inclusion of the ability to use short keys to indent (ctrl + ->) and outdent (ctrl + <-) on all tables.

  • An automated email is sent to the user with a dump of all the reports, when they reach 75, 90 & 98% complete. This is a safety net in the event you don’t have access to our server and you have a tight deadline.  

Agile | Project Management

  • Complete new design of the workspace board. 

  • Designed a new dashboard window.

  • Ability to set contracts or agreement between parties.

  • Incorporated a new list of “My tasks”.

  • Developed a progress tracker with graphical interface.


  • Improved the stability for Importing from excel

  • Resolved the loss of complex resource detail when copying from master.

  • The issue while tabbing through the resource grid and adding data has been resolved.

  • Fix the gross rate and amount rounding issue.

  • Resolve the global variables not updating issue.

  • Percentage complete logic has been improved.

  • Improvement to the duplicate resource script run time.

  • General improvements to all reports and export to excel function.

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