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Tender comparison

A quick and friendly method to compare Tenders alongside each other

Tender comparison as Client

This feature will allow the client to compare submissions once the tender closes.

From the home page: click on the specific menu button associated to the project you wish to create the comparison with.

This will open a drop down menu. Select “Proposal comparison”

This opens a proposal comparison page.

Click  “+”  and enter a name, this will be your unique identifier for this comparison

To the right of the screen open proposals and select with tick option which submissions to compare.

Click “recalculate” and this will show the totals for each heading

Price comparison tool for main contractors using subcontractors

Using the same steps above you can pull prices into a comparison schedule.


In the event that a subcontractor submits pricing outside of the modality of Methvin:

  • Click the “add proposal” Icon. This is found at the top of the comparison page
  • Fill in the form
  • Hit save
  • Tick the elect button to include them
  • Input the rates that have been submitted

Tender comparison when submission data is complete

Using the same steps in “Tender comparison as Client”  you can pull prices into a comparison schedule.

The following modality can be used to improve comparison oversight:

  1. Narrow the schedule of prices: Delete unwanted items by highlighting specific lines and clicking on (-).

  2. Add rates to unpriced items to allow full comparison: Click on the rate and start typing

  3. You can use the built in price function (right click on rate) and choose from highest, lowest or average price.

Each time you create a new comparison in a specific project you start with the default information in the original submission.

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