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Tender and Subcontractor Comparisons

Methvin allows you to create comparison packages against your schedule of items as tender responses are returned by your contractors or subcontractors. These tender response quotes can then be compared and adjudicated. Once you have selected a contractor, or subcontractor, the cost (net) or selling rates can then be exported to your schedule of prices.

The process for creating comparisons in Methvin, is the same if you are a client comparing your main contractors proposals or if you are a main contractor adjudicating your subcontractor quotations.

Create Tender and Subcontractor Comparisons

The first three columns on this document identify the items from the SoP -

  1. Item
  2. Unit
  3. Billed quantity.

The Subcontractor Columns

The remaining columns provide for sets of quotations from subcontractors/contractors.

Each set to be allocated the following:

  1. Name,
  2. Factor (discount, etc.)
  3. Currency code (if applicable).

The subcontractor's rates are entered into the rate or amount column( found in the tender comparison worksheet/table). Where the  subcontractor has included the cost of a certain item in other rates, a rate of zero should be entered in this column. If he has declined to price an item, the rate column should be left blank.

Calculating the Total of a Tender

The automated calculation of the total is displayed against each rate.

= Rate x Factor x Currency factor x Quantity

Importing the subcontractor rates to the bill

To import the rates, from the subcontractor comparison form, to the SoP items worksheet, a simple resource is required with a rate of one.  The subcontractor rates can be added to the worksheet using “Amend” or “Overwrite”.


¹Under the Resource Table the estimator lists their resources/products that will be added to each worksheet linked to the SoP items that are being imported. The resource with a value of 1 is then multiplied by the subcontractors rate for that specific SoP item to create the price

²This worksheet sits under each SoP line item to make up the price

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