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Takeoff Tool

We have revolutionised the online takeoff industry with our intuitive interface. The user has the ability to add a list of materials to each measure which means you can measure once, then include a list of all the its required materials.

Start your first takeoff

Click on  “New project” top right hand of home screen select “new takeoff project”. Give the project a name and save. This will open the  application and you should then drag and drop your drawing in file formats, pdf, dwg, dxf and svg onto the takeoff window.

Setting the scale

One the drawing has opened, a calibration screen will open. Set the scale by using the offered (+) pointer to start and finish a measured line. Then, tell the application what that measure distance is ensuring that you select both the system ( metric or imperial) and the appropriate units.

Measuring options

These are icons at the top of the take off tool

  1. Selecter: This is used to move the page around. Click and hold and drop

  2. End Area calculation for earthworks volumes. Click on this to select end area type ( cut or fill)

  3. Wall details. This is used to measure walls or fences. You will need to input the height and units.

  4. Length of object

  5. Any area

  6. Count . Used to count any item like lamp posts


As you measure items it will create layers into the measurement report on the left hand side


Icon bar to Lower right hand side of the tool

  1. Open document: this allows you to switch between uploaded drawing files

  2. Select additional files to upload

  3. Zoom functions. This can be done with the mouse as well

  4. Export file to PDF

  5. Export raw data to excel

  6. Pivot table to manipulate data to preferred layout

    • Export to excel

    • Export takeoff to pricing module

  7. Set scale


Do Additional Takeoffs

At any time you can continue with a previous measure.  In the measurement report, select the “+” icon from the measurements window and then click on the drawing where you wish to continue measuring again.

Renaming measurements

Click on the name you wish to change and type

Opening and closing the subheadings

Click to the right of the heading to open and close subheadings

Renaming Zones or phases

This can be done by clicking and typing on the Zone/Phase heading.

Add materials to a measurement

From the measurements window select the “edit” icon then select materials. From the materials form add the different materials that makeup that product. You can add the cross section of the material and add a multiplier to change its unit if necessary.

Locating a specific takeoff

You will find your takeoff measures in the left measurements window. You can also hover over a particular measurement in the Measurement Summary list to see find its location on the drawing.

Review your measurements

There are two options a raw data drop to excel for you to manipulate then import into your estimating application or you can use our built in pivot table

The pivot table allows the user to setup his required work breakdown structure from dynamic form:

  • The order of structure is as follows, Document, Page, Element, Zone/Phase and Material (actual takeoff/measurement)

  • These orders can be swapped around by dragging and dropping them up and down

  • Select the columns that you require by selecting and deselecting their checkboxes

  • You have the option to export to Excel

  • Alternatively you can dynamically link your measures to the estimating schedule of Prices by using the export to pricing option

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