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Submitting a proposal

When you, as supplier, wish to submit pricing for a tender you can do simple pricing online in the tender submission, or you open the project in Methvins pricing module for more accuracy.


Methvin will open on “All projects” automatically when you login.

If you have been invited to tender, specific to a project, then the project will show up under the  “All Projects” page as a “My Opportunity” when you log on.

Select the project you wish submit pricing on and it will open up the 4 Step menu for submission.

This first page will highlight any contractual obligations associated with your submission, tender documents and any other information supplied by the client.

At the bottom of this page you will also find any tender clarifications added. You can access this by clicking “next” or “Clarifications”.  

Any changes to the published tender can be opened here and viewed. By clicking “next” you  will automatically be taken to the “Price” page. Any schedule changes made by the client will automatically show up in this updated schedule.

You can submit your offered price by clicking on the “gross rate” row highlighted. Tick the newly entered rate to include in calculated submission value.

Important note: only the rates that you select will be added to the overall price.

Currency changes

On this page, the currency is automatically set to your local currency. If you are pricing in a tender published in another currency, you can select which currency to price in.

This is done at the top of this page with the Currency drop down alongside “Pricing in”.

The program uses current currency exchange rates to create the conversion. If you are directed to a fixed exchange rate, this can be edited under the Estimation currency rate below the pricing schedule.

Tax rates

In some countries you may need to make allowances for tax.

This can be done by selecting the tax checkbox and then adding the percentage tax required.

This adds tax to the total value of the project.


Once you have completed pricing and are satisfied that you have captured all your cost and are ready for submission click on “ Submit Proposal” on the left hand side of the screen.

Submitting your Proposal

In this section you can add a cover letter. This can be done by typing it directly into the space or by selecting the document and dropping a file into the submission.

Remember to add all additional files to support your pricing submission here.

Select tick to agree that all the documents are final and complete and that you agree to the terms of the contract.

Click “submit”

Note: that once you submit the document by clicking “submit” at the bottom of the page your proposal will be considered final and complete and delivered to the client.

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