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Resource Module

The Resource Module in Methvin is designed to deliver structure and accountability during pricing. By building up complex resources from simple resources there is an ability to price with limitless detail and unquestionable accuracy.

Import your own resource table with our mapping tool

  1. Open you resource table in excel and select the following columns,
    1. Description
    2. Unit
    3. Rate to import
    4. Optional is the product code
  2. Then in the Resource Tab type [ctrl+v] this will open our import mapping tool
  3. Match the appropriate columns with their coinciding column headers from the drop box selector, then click the the import button.

Tip:   When specific product codes are important in your business and you want to benefit from the visibility of these codes while pricing, it will help you track your estimated costs versus actual, by creating the connection via API to JDE or SAP while delivering the project. There are two options are available for you to deal with them. These can be used as separate options or, you can utilise both options.

  1. In excel add the code to the front of the description i.e. SS- ID150-57585 - 150mm stainless steel pipe.
  2. There is also a separate column available for product codes to be imported into your Methvin worksheet

Copy resources from a master project

You can speed up the development of your resource table by copying complex resources from previously created projects:

Copy from master to your Resource Table

  1. Select the master project from the dropbox, located to the right of the resource window under the “Drag Region”.

  2. Import an item and its detailed pricing from any project into your resource table by dragging and dropping an item from the right hand side tree view of the master resource table across to your resource table.

Copy from master into worksheets

  1. Copy the complex resource detail from a previous project(set as master project) by going to the right hand side window in the resource tab “Drag Region” menu, drag the item from master into an open worksheet in the resource table and drop.

Using multiple currencies

If you are required to estimate projects in more than one currency Methvin will allow you to save both the  resources and the entire project in more than one currency.

Note: The currency columns are not displayed by default, the user needs to navigate to the down arrow on each column, where he can select the required columns for multi currency resources

(insert screenshot)

Converting Resources between different Currencies

  • Methvin allows the user to set the base rate in its base currency and then provides a procedure to convert the value into the projects currency.
  • For material and labour resources this is a very straight forward process of simply multiply the rates by the appropriate exchange rate.

Entering and Comparing Quotations in Different Currencies

  • In a single estimate various suppliers may also quote on the same commodity in different currencies. Methvin will save the quotation in the source currency and  also convert the currency to the base currency of the estimate so the quotations can be compared against each other.

Note:    ¹Methvin will fetch the current exchange rate from the internet when the user selects the resources base currency

Standard and Complex Resources

Standard resource rates

The rate can be inserted directly into the resource rate item of the resource table.

Complex Resource Pricing

Under each resource there is a worksheet dynamically attached. Here you can drag in complex worksheets from the master project on the right side of the “Pricing Module” into the current open worksheet, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Explanation of Complex Resources:   

Complex resource pricing can be tedious, but it is critical to profitability in the long term management of projects.  Methvin allows you to combine these Standard Resources to create a Complex Resource. When an Formwork item need to be priced, the formwork team complex resource need to be brought into the worksheet; similarly, when a concrete item need to be priced ,the concrete complex resource need to be brought into the worksheet for the bill item.

Replace a resource

After pricing the project you may decide that the 20t excavator you used throughout the project is under powered for this project. You could go line by line and change it from a 20t excavator to a 35t one, or you could use the replace resource function.

Right click the 20t excavator resource select the “replace Resource option and then select the 35t excavator rate from the form. This will replace the 20t with the 35t excavator throughout the project.

Cross reference resources

Continuing with the above example, you may only want to replace the two diggers were they working in rock. This time select the cross reference menu option. This opens a form which lists where this resource has been utilised thought the project. Double click on the item that you would like to change the excavator and that specific worksheet will open ready for you to edit

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