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Publish tender

Clients can publish their projects directly in Methvin (“Home page”> “New project” select “Publish tender”).

There is a four step form to be completed:

  1. Tender Info: Input the project detail and select the project location and your required trades/contractors. This is done by clicking on the Wheelbarrow at the bottom of the page. You will need to select at least one trade.

Note: By selecting “public” the tender will publish to any of the organisations that have registered interest in the region and trade.

  1. Schedule of Quantity (SoQ): Define your Schedule of Quantities (SoQ) this is a detailed list of your required deliverables. (+) new task, use <> to indent and outdent the schedule, add item description, quantity and units needed.
  2. Tender Docs: Attach your project contract,  specifications and tender requirements.
  3. Tender Notification: Invite you own subcontractors to tender on the project

Click on the publish tender button

Add Tender Clarifications

Any changes to the contract, that you as the client wish to make,  can be captured under the “add clarifications” . This  is located on the “All Project” home page. Select the menu icon on the right hand side of the screen and click “ Add Clarification”.


This is done by clicking the menu button on the selected project, click “send message”. Select who you want to chat to and start the conversation.

Messaging is permanent record.


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