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Pricing Module

The pricing module is designed to deliver advanced and consistent  pricing accuracy to your schedules as well as ensuring the workflow processes of the application does not diminish your capacity to price  efficiently.

Working with projects in the estimating module

Getting started

Add you First Project

  1. From the Homepage select the "New Project" from the create “New Project” dropbox button
  2. Other available options are, New Pricing, Publish, Gantt or Takeoff Project.

Duplicate a Project

From the Projects page:

  1. Right click on the Menu button
  2. Select the “Duplicate Project” option

This will automatically  make a copy of the selected project directly below itself.

Export Projects

Important information to remember when exporting a project:

When exporting a Project file, it is important to remembered that only the physical text data is saved, none of the uploaded files in the documents module are backed up to the file.


Export a specific Project:

Quick steps to exporting a specific project

  1. From the Projects window, situated on the left hand side of the screen, right click on the “Project” you wish to download.
  2. Select the “Export Project” menu item. This will save the project sql file to your computer.

Importing  Specific Project sql files

From the Projects window situated on the left hand side of the screen,

  1. Add a  “New project” to import your project into.
  2. Right  click and select “Import Project” from the navigation menu
  3. From the form select the project file you wish to import
  4. Click the save button, this will import your project.

Rename project

  1. Right click the project you wish to rename
  2. Select the “Rename Project" menu option.
  3. Rename your project

Start estimating

When you are responding to an invitation to tender sent from the Methvin portal.

Methvin will either allow you to submit your work in our “Add Rates Only” form in “Step 2” of the submit proposal form, or,  you can navigate to Methvin’s online pricing tool, after you have completed pricing you can return to “Step 2” and compleast your submit proposal to the client/main contractor.

Follow these easy steps

  1. Register yourself on Methvin with the same email address that you received your tender request at.
  2. Once you have logged into Methvin  from the homepage you will find the project that the client has invited you to tender on. Click on this link to submit your tender proposal.
  3. Or,you can click on the menu to the right of the project and select “Price in Pricing Tool” to use our estimating package

Importing an external Client's schedule for pricing

To import a client supplied schedule for pricing:

  1. Login to our homepage and create a “New Pricing Project” by selcting the  “New Project” button.
  2. In your excel file, select the the client SoP information and copy it to clipboard (ctrl+c)
  3. In your “New pricing project “ paste from clipboard (ctrl+v). This will launch our import mapping at the same time.
  4. Match the appropriate columns with their coinciding column headers from the drop box selector, then click the the import button. This is done by………. ( suggest a screenshot)

Basic Pricing

Basic pricing is possible through inserting your required gross rate into the pricing tabs gross rate column. This can then be printed as a client report. This saves automatically and you have successfully  created your first price response in Methvin. (Suggest screen shots here as well)

Complex Worksheet Pricing

Under each item in the schedule there is a worksheet dynamically attached.

[Insert screenshots]

Here you can drag in resources or worksheets from the accordion menu on the right side of the pricing module. This will improve efficiency and pricing accuracy  

Creating Sub-schedules when lump sums are called for

When a client requests a lump sum submission that requires complex pricing schedules to ensure accuracy you can create a sub-schedule that can roll up to the lump sum submission.

For example: Client ask for the price of a commissioned Bridge in location A.

Change  the item into a sub-schedule item by clicking on the icon (insert picture of the icon here)at the top of the “Pricing Module”. Any items pertaining to the sub-section item will roll up the clients item when printing out this report.

Under this sub-schedule you are able to add as much detail as you require for accuracy.

The Client report will reflect only the Lump sum as dictated by the sub- schedule, in this case "Bridge".

Copying Pricing

There are 3 ways in which you can speed up your pricing by copying detailed pricing from previously priced projects:

Copy from master to your SoP

Step One: Select the master project from the dropbox. This is located to the right of the pricing window under the “Drag Region”.

Step Two: Import an item and its detailed pricing from any project into your schedule of prices(SoP) by dragging and dropping an item from the right hand side tree view of the master SoP across to your schedule of prices(SoP).

Copy from master into worksheets

Copy the detailed pricing from a previous project(set as master project) by going to the right hand side window in the pricing table: - “Drag Region” menu: Then drag an item from master into an open worksheet in the pricing window and drop

Copy pricing using shortcut keys

Select a range of items from your Schedule of Prices (SoP) then type [ctrl+c], navigate to where you wish to place your copied items and type [ctrl+v]

To copy your pricing workings from one worksheet to another select the required line items then type [ctrl+c], navigate to where your new worksheet it can be either a pricing or a complex resource worksheet and then type [ctrl+v]

Note:    ¹This is a collapsed window on the right hand side of the screen. Open it.


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