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Internal pre submission evaluation

We have made the tender review process meaningful with user friendly tools.

Lock Selling Rates

This functionality will allow you to fix certain selling rates for line items while allowing other to have a blanket discount applied.

Each gross/selling rate can be individually locked to the required value by checking the checkbox "Lock"" found in the "Estimating Module". Once you are satisfied with your tender price it is possible to lock all the gross rates by selecting the checkbox icon in the "Estimating Module" menu.

Imbalanced Rates

Once you have accurately priced up an item and conclude its cost rate, the item is automatically marked up by the default markup as set in the "Estimating Module". If for any reason you believe the item to be over or under scheduled, it is simple to adjust its markup by either

  1. Inputting the required Gross Rate

    • or
  2. Inputting the required percentage markup.

This then automatically locks in the new markup by setting the lock gross rate checkbox to "true".

Markup - % for the Entire Project

On the top right hand side of the screen under the "Estimating Module"  it is possible to select the percentage that you would like to mark up the entire project.

  1. Select the required markup,

  2. Click on the "Calculate" button at the top of the screen

This will adjust the percentage markup for the entire project to your revised markup percentage. If any items have been locked to allow for imbalanced items rates, they will be ignored and their previous markup will remain.

Mixed % markup on Individual items

For example if you wish to markup a section of the schedule by 3% and the rest of the project by 8.5% follow these easy steps

  1. Select the required markup,

  2. Click on the "Calculate" button at the top of the screen

  3. Set the “lock” button to true for the section of the schedule you wish to hold at 3%

  4. Change the  global percentage markup to 8.5%

  5. Click on the "Calculate" button at the top of the screen

The resource evaluation

All the resources that have been used in the tender price are listed in the resource table as well as their usage i.e. how much of that resource is required to complete the works. This will improve your accuracy and give you confidence in margin analysis for the project.

Replacing a resource

It is possible in the resource module to make changes to a specific resource, if after pricing you realise that a different resource would be more appropriate.

For Example:  You may decide that the 20t excavator you used throughout the project is under powered for this project. You could go line by line and change it from a 20t excavator to a 35t excavator, or ,you could use the replace resource function.

Right click the 20t excavator resource select the “Replace Resource” option and then select the 35t excavator rate from the form. This will replace the 20t with the 35t excavator throughout the project and recalculate your pricing proposal.

Cross reference resources

Continuing with the above example; you may only want to replace the  excavators specifically where they were working in rock. This time, select the cross reference menu option which is found by right clicking the resource. This opens a form which lists where this resource has been utilised throughout the project. Double click on the item that you would like to change the excavator in, and that specific worksheet will open ready for you to edit.

Once you have completed your edit, recalculate the project to update.

Reports for evaluation pre submission

This tool is found in the "Estimating Module".

It can be accessed in two places:

  1. From the Icon menu, top right, Adobe icon. This creates a drop down menu

  2. Top menu, Reports Tab


Reports available:

  1. Clients SoP Report

    • This report creates a report with the clients schedule of price without any own added subschedules.

  2. SoP with worksheets report

    • This report is a line by line worksheet report printed

  3. Notes report

    • This report picks up all notes by line item where added

  4. Tags report

    • This report picks up all tags by line item where added

  5. Trades totals report

    • This report splits the SoP into the clients created sections and list the totals of the resource headings against each of these sections

  6. WBS totals report

    • This report is under construction still

  7. Resources per SoP items

    • This report lists the resources by line item without the calculation details. It products the product rate for each resource a well.

  8. Resources utilization report

    • This report lists the actual resources utilized in the SoP from biggest dollar value down.

  9. Man hours per SoP items

    • This report is generated by selecting the specific resource/s with the check box on the left in the resource table. Then running the report will list the selected man hours against each SoP item.

  10. Linked schedule revision report.

    • This report lists the changes between each clarification. It is under construction still

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