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Indirect costs pricing with gantt chart

The Methvin online gantt estimating scheduler allows estimators the ability to price indirect works using either our standard pricing worksheets, or the new time related gantt/scheduler pricing worksheets.

The gantt scheduler allows for accurate time related estimating with the following features:

  • Indirect resource durations can be clearly laid out providing the user with a visual representation of how each indirect resource is required.

  • The resources percentage allocation can be adjusted by creating a second or third taskbar against the same resource.

Accessing and using the Gantt module

  1. Open you pricing worksheet

  2. Highlight the line you want to create the gantt chart with by clicking on the gantt icon at the top right hand side of the screen

Note: confirm that you are happy to change from worksheet to Gantt WS as any existing information will be removed from the worksheet.

  1. Folder add sections header. Give this a heading and enter

  2. (+) add a resource using the drop down menu and enter all requested data

  3. The equation button is built in to adjust resource rates not yet in weeks.

  4. Enter the resource description if required

  5. Save using the icon at the right of the screen and then close (x)

Spreading Indirects over the bill items

If the indirect costs are required to be included under the direct cost items, they can easily be spread through the bill in a controlled manner. By locking the percentage markup on individual items the indirect costs can be spread by the user early on in the bid process. During finalisation of the tender the indirect spread can be re-done at the last minute with accuracy and confidence.

To effectively use this modality with accuracy you will need to ensure that in setting up all indirect resources that the rate is done in weeks.

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