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Estimating with worksheets

Under each item in the schedule of prices(SoP) there is a dynamically attached worksheet. Here you can drag in resources or worksheets from the “Drag Region” menu on the right side of the “Pricing module”.

Estimating with Variables

The Complex worksheet allows you to set variables for pricing and then re-use them

For example: The distance from a quarry to the site or the depth of a trench. When you set up a new project, with a similar item to price,  all that is required is to adjust the variables to the new circumstances.

Variables are considered to be things like length, width and height. For example a slab of concrete would b calculated with variables like LxWxH=V. The Volume would be used to calculate the resource i.e. concrete.. When you copy this worksheet in the the new line item for pricing, all you need to do is adjust the variables and the concrete volume will automatically recalculate for your new estimate item.

The Function column

This facilitates the use of entering any mathematical function.

Tip:   Watch your (brackets) when using complicated equations.

Java Functions

Unique to Methvin, you are able to utilise any function available in Java to automate your complex estimating.


  • if ([your variable i.e. 2]>5) {yes} else {no} - Returns no
  • Math.round(2.5) - Returns 3
  • var x = Math.PI - Returns PI
  • var y = Math.sqrt(16) - Returns the square root of 16

Note:    ¹Online estimating from first principles by way of the same worksheet used to price a SoP item. All resource can be converted into complex resources by attching a worksheet for more detail.

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