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Collaborative construction project management with Methvin Agile


The wait is over! Our Agile platform is here.


We are very proud to launch the Methvin Agile module to our software platform.


Methvin Agile will help you to stay in touch and on schedule all the way through your project. We will be there to help you, right from when you first form your pricing team, to when you win work and start delivering.


The Agile methodology of managing I.T. projects makes a easy jump to building and construction by allowing and encouraging collaborative relationships both within your organization and externally with clients.Our clients tell us, staying connected and communicating is how they stay a preferred supplier and expand their influence.

Methvin Agile will help you and your team stay focussed, flexible and financially connected to all your projects.

This new Agile module is a great way to give transparency to responsibility during the cloud based “multi user” estimation process in our Methvin Estimating module.


Methvin Agile will provide you with a place to deposit and use critical drawings and documents. Relax knowing that once loaded, these cannot be deleted; but can be retired and replaced with a new version.Further to this, Agile will facilitate the management of incidents on site through to closure including:

  • Management system
  • Contract documentation
  • Drawing register
  • Client RFI’s
  • Engineers RFI’s
  • Contractors RFI’s
  • Incidents/issues


Not yet registered? Click on this link and head to our website to see our demo. Give it a go. For you, it's free.

As will all our other modules, if you would like more information or a live demo, feel free to drop me a email and we can set up sometime to help you on your way.


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Let us know what you think.



Richard Gush

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