What's New - Methvin

What's New

Version 1

Version 1 | New Features Estimating module - beta

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Version 2

Version 2 | New Features Estimating module - live Takeoff Tool - beta

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Version 3

Version 3 | New Features Estimating module Allow SoP items to link to the same pricing worksheet. The ability to use multiple currencies for resources Takeoff Tool - live Agile | Project Management - beta Gantt Scheduler - beta

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Version 4

Version 4 | New Features Estimating module Allow copy and paste from a client’s excel SoP into metvin. Include text editing Agile | Project Management - live Kanban board: Visual card system Assign tasks to project members Add

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Version 5

Version 5 | New Features Estimating module Include complex resources in the resource table Ability to develop a Sub-schedule for an individual SoP item Include text inside equations to help read/review the estimate Agile | Project Management Document

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Version 6

Version 6 | New Features   New Features Estimating module Automate the recalculate function as you make changes.  Added a new export to excel option that inserts a blank line between each line item on exporting to excel for the SoP and Client SoP reports. Allow the

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